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Bazinga T-shirt

This awesome shirt is another one inspired by the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. The Bazinga t-shirt like the popular Shazam t-shirt features the famous bolt of lightning, with the added bonus of a big BAZINGA! written above it.

Notice that I am resisting the urge to make any puns related to electricity or lightning - that is why I am a highly paid t-shirt description writer.

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Bill Gates Mug Shot Shirt

Bill Gates has certainly come a long way. From young geek to multi-billionaire philanthropist. Still it's good to remember that he used to do stuff just as dumb as you and I do. And he got arrested for it, too. I think we can use this to our advantage.

Next time you plan to do something that could be deemed totally stupid, and possibly slightly illegal, be sure to wear the Bill Gates Mug Shot t-shirt. Then if/when you get into trouble with the authorities, you can point out the fact that Bill Gates once did stuff that was just as dumb, but look at him now!

In other words, don't get caught without this t-shirt. Ha, ha. Get it? Damn, I kill me. I should be getting paid more for writing these t-shirt descriptions.

This is the perfect funny t-shirt for any young delinquents/future billionaires on your shopping list, ( including yourself ).

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Proud To Be Awesome T-shirt

For whatever reason, there are some people who consistently fail to recognize just how awesome I am. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so rather than assume that they're idiots, I figure, why not help them out with a subtle hint or two? That's where the "Proud To Be Awesome" t-shirt comes in. So far the results have been inconclusive. But people can be slow to catch on, so I'll be wearing this one every day until such time as those twits at the office get the hint.


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Magic Talk Bubble T Shirt

Finally, a t-shirt that understands the value of silence. This shirt features a nicely proportioned talk bubble that says absolutely nothing. It could also be a perfect gift for that someone special in your life who happens to have taken a vow of silence.

If you ever get tired of the empty talk bubble you can always write in something pithy and/or hilarious yourself. Then it will be like a brand new shirt! You could even invite your friends to write in the talk bubble, and wash it out later if their humor doesn't is sub-standard.

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Atoms And Electrons T-Shirts

Welcome to the nerd-wear department. This witty shirt features two talking atoms. Their conversation goes like this:

Atom 1: I think I lost an electron.
Atom 2: Are you positive?

Whoa! Knee-slapper, or what? Actually, I laugh again every time I see this shirt. Do you still want to be my friend?

This is a high quality cotton t-shirt and comes in a bunch of different colors (two of which - green and white - you can see on this page) and the usual assortment of sizes.

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AD/HD T-Shirt

A great shirt for AC/DC Fans.

Love this AD/HD shirt Oh my god, I mean, I like High Voltage but you like Highway to Hell but High Voltage is good but don't forget about Back in Black and Angus is awesome and I like it when he dresses up like a school-boy because they're an awesome band and look! Shiny things.

This funny t-shirt comes in several hilarious colors, and the standard range of zany sizes. It's made of super soft premium ring-spun cotton. Which kind goes against the whole extra-hard AC/DC ethos, now that I think of it.

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Shazam T-shirt

Big Bang Theory character, Sheldon Cooper, has been known to wear a t-shirt with this cool lightning bolt design. They call it "Shazam" because that's the scientific name for the sound of a person being struck by lightning.

The shirt shows a large yellow bolt of lightning on a redish background. Shazam, baby!

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NSFW - T-shirt

New Sandals From Walmart? I think that's what "NSFW" stands for on this shirt. Which sure is funny to me, because, like who the heck would brag about getting their sandals from a place like that? I think this is a fabulous funny t-shirt, but I haven't decided yet whether or not to buy it.

See, I was looking for a shirt to wear to the office on casual Friday. But since I'm not completely sure what NSFW means, I worry that maybe this t-shirt is

Not Safe For Work

Hmmm. I dunno. What do you think?

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