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Vince Movie Star T-shirt

Vince, the lead character in the TV show Entourage is a star. Be a star! Be Vince! Wear this shirt!
OK, so wearing a t-shirt doesn't make me a movie star, but the t-shirt looks good, and the contrast between my persona and that of movie star Vince tends to get a smile.

Fans of the show know that Vince likes to wear black t-shirts and this is one of those. With a big silver/grey star, a movie camera in silhouette and "VINCE" in all caps, this shirt looks cool.

When I wear this t-shirt, I wanna' move to LA, get an agent, live in a giant house in the Hills, and shoot golf balls at Pierce Brosnan's roof...

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Ari Gold Is My Agent T-shirt

I used to be the Rodney Dangerfield of my bowling club - didn't get no respect. No matter how snazzy my bowling pants were. But then I got Ari Gold as my agent. Now I'm treated like a movie star wherever I go. I have my own entourage. Johnny Drama calls me up for fashion advice.

I highly recommend that you get Ari Gold as your agent. If you can't get Ari on the phone, though, the next best thing is to falsely claim that he's your agent. How would anybody even check up on that? The guy never answers his phone.

The shirt is simple and straight to the point. No photo, no graphics. In a simple font it boldly states:

Ari Gold
is my agent

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Medellin: Entourage T-shirt

Another funny tshirt inspired by the TV show Entourage. "Medellin. A Pablo Escobar Story" is a movie within a TV show. It's Vincent Chase's greatest role ever (or at least this season).

There's even an official Medellin - The Movie website with trailers, photos, etc. Check it out.

Vincent Chase, as you've never seen him before, reveals the human side of the monster, and MEDELLIN explores why this charismatic murderer and drug kingpin also had many followers.

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