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Lloyd's Tuxedo Tux T-Shirt from Dumb and Dumber

This cool tuxedo t-shirt was inspired by Lloyd in the movie Dumb and Dumber. If, like me, you think tuxedos are kinda dumb, then join me in expressing your disdain by wearing a dumb tuxedo t-shirt to your next formal event.

A friend of mine got this t-shirt in brilliant orange. It shows dark orange lapels athwart a groovy ruffled shirt front, topped off by a dapper orange bow tie. Very dumb, and yet somehow snazzy at the same time. One of our favorite tuxedo shirts.

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Mariachi Tuxedo T-Shirt

Go formal in faux-Mexican style with this awesome Mariachi Tuxedo t-shirt. Flamboyant red and green on a black background is sure to attract attention. A stylish gold button to the side add extra flair and class.

The next time I am invited to a formal event involving a mariachi band, I will definitely wear this funny t-shirt. And all the hottest girls will want to dance with me!

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Dumb and Dumber Harry's Tuxedo Tux T-Shirt

Who was Dumb and who was Dumber? Hard to say, though when it comes to tuxedo t-shirts, Lloyd's has my vote. Still, this one here, which is Harry's tuxedo tee (from the movie Dumb and Dumber) looks pretty dumb too. But why over-think it? Just confuses me.

That's why I got both of the Dumb and Dumber tuxedo t-shirts. When I need to attend an event which is formal, yet stupid, I simply choose between them based on a complex algorithm involving the maximal marginal stupidity quotient of the event itself, as correlated to my own projected feelings of dumbness for attending said event. Easy peasy.

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Disheveled Tuxedo T-shirt

A tuxedo t-shirt is a great way to bridge the chasm between formal and slovenly. But what about the after-party? You might feel a bit self-conscious, still wearing your fully formal tux tee while everyone else is loosening the bow ties, undoing a button or two.

Here, for me anyway, is the answer. The Disheveled Tuxedo T-shirt. It's a black formal-style tuxedo print, but with the bow tie hanging loose, top shirt buttons undone, and the shirt un-tucked. A few wrinkles add an extra touch of verisimilitude.

If I'm ever invited to the wedding of one of the Trailer Park Boys, I'm totally wearing this shirt. I won't try to use the word "verisimilitude" in casual conversation there, however.

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St. Patrick's Day Irish Tuxedo T-shirt

Holy irony overload Batman! Not only is it a "formal" t-shirt. It's a St. Patrick's Day formal shirt! Stylishly low-brow, the St. Patrick's Day Tuxedo t-shirt comes in a very Irish shade of green. The basic design of the tux print is similar to that of the Black Tux t-shirt With this one, however, besides being green rather than black (with bow tie and lapels in an even deeper shade of green), it features a shamrock tucked stylishly into the lapel.

If I get this t-shirt on time I can get sloshed in elegant style this coming St. Paddy's day. Good craic!

Comes in both men's and women's styles...

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Black Tuxedo T-shirt

This is, I believe the most formal of the tuxedo t-shirts we've found so far. A look that says,

I may be a t-shirt-wearing slob, but I am The Master of Ceremonies so sit down and SFTU!

Not suited for funerals. The shirt-front is pleated (classy!) rather that ruffled (kitchy). A red rose in the lapel add a touch of romantic flair. The dapper matching red bow tie and red shirt buttons give it some flash. I chose the black.

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