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Back By Popular Demand T-shirt

This funny t-shirt is back by popular demand. You can tell, because that's what it says right on the front of the shirt. White text on black:


No, it does not say "Leaving by popular demand" on the back! That would be mean.

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Approved Stamp shirt

You don't want people to think you're the type of person who's always seeking the approval of others. People frown on that sort of behavior. What better way to convince them all that you don't need their approval than to show that you've already been approved? With a great big "APPROVED" stamp emblazoned across your chest, everybody will know that you don't care what they think. And that will surely make them like you.

There's a light, stamp-shaped outline around the all-caps "APPROVED" text to achieve the office stamp effect.

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Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt

What could be better than a t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity? A t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity on a bicycle! It's a nice 70's style racing bike and the sasquatch strikes a fetching pose, showing off one of his muscular & hirsute legs and a great big bigfoot foot. It's a bit hard to make out his/her facial expression, but he/she just might possibly be making a kissy face.

The photo is greyscale and a bit grainy - as any sasquatch photo should be, and there is no writing on the t-shirt at all. What is there to say about a sasquatch on a bicycle? It speaks for itself - the picture, I mean; not the sasquatch. Who even knows whether a sasquatch can speak?

When you wear the Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt you're pretty much guaranteed to appear highly evolved in comparison - a very useful feature for some of us. Get yours quick before Ashton starts tweeting about them.

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Subliminal Eye Chart T-shirt

Have you been to the eye doctor lately? How's your vision? How about your paranoia-vision? Test your friends' (and potential friends') vision with this cool eye-chart t-shirt. In fact, challenge everyone you meet to take the eye/paranoia test. As the famous saying goes, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

This t-shirt is laid out like a typical vision test chart, but the letters spell out those immortal words of wisdom,


Some of the letters are coloured red rather than the standard black for some reason. It must be part of their plan - secret meanings, hidden messages are everywhere. Or maybe it just looks better that way.

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