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House MD I Hear You Caring T-Shirt

Sarcasm and body parts. These are the essential elements of a great House M.D. t-shirt, and this t-shirt has them both. The front design consists of an image of a heart (not the wimpy Valentine-style heart, but a real anatomically correct heart with a big aorta sticking out and everything). The following Dr. House quote is a white text overlay on the heart image:


Mixed in there in a lighter color is the official House MD logo. If you want everyone around to know that you can hear them caring, try wearing this ultra-cool House t-shirt.

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Vince Movie Star T-shirt

Vince, the lead character in the TV show Entourage is a star. Be a star! Be Vince! Wear this shirt!
OK, so wearing a t-shirt doesn't make me a movie star, but the t-shirt looks good, and the contrast between my persona and that of movie star Vince tends to get a smile.

Fans of the show know that Vince likes to wear black t-shirts and this is one of those. With a big silver/grey star, a movie camera in silhouette and "VINCE" in all caps, this shirt looks cool.

When I wear this t-shirt, I wanna' move to LA, get an agent, live in a giant house in the Hills, and shoot golf balls at Pierce Brosnan's roof...

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House MD T-shirt: Normal's Not Normal

Is normal normal? Normally I wouldn't ask that question, and in fact I didn't. Dr. House didn't either. He's not normally one to ask questions at all, because he always know the answers already. What he did do was make the statement:


That's what this House MD t-shirt says in bold capital letters. Beside the quote, we have a silhouette of Dr. House leaning on his cane. Below all that is the official House MD logo, just so you know this isn't some cheap knock-off.

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It's Business Time T-Shirts

The TV series, Flight of Conchords, starring the comedy folk duo, Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie is the inspiration for this funny t-shirt. IIRC it was Jemaine who said,

"You know when I'm down to just my socks, it's business time. That's why they are called business socks."

These Kiwis mean business. If you want to let the world know that you mean business, too. Don this groovy tee and get down to work. Pants are optional. Socks, less so.

The Business Time T-shirt is made from heavy, durable cotton and is preshrunk, so there won't be any "size surprise" after the first washing.

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Carcetti for Mayor

Although it had it's funny moments, you don't see a lot of funny t-shirts related to the TV series, "The Wire". So in that sense, this t-shirt is a rarity. Tommy Carcetti is the guy who became mayor of Baltimore, starting out as an idealistic reformer and ending up corrupted by the political realities he faced. Hilarious, eh? I don't know why, but I find it amusing - cynicism FTW!

The t-shirt design looks just like one of Carcetti's campaign posters in the show. It's a bit hard to see in the photos here, but it has some stars along the top with "Thomas J. Tommy" written in fairly small letters between. Below that it's just "Carcetti" and "Mayor". Like this:

Thomas J. "Tommy"

Let's save the great American city of Baltimore. Vote for Tommy!

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Shazam T-shirt

Big Bang Theory character, Sheldon Cooper, has been known to wear a t-shirt with this cool lightning bolt design. They call it "Shazam" because that's the scientific name for the sound of a person being struck by lightning.

The shirt shows a large yellow bolt of lightning on a redish background. Shazam, baby!

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House MD Script T-Shirt

Are you constantly quoting scenes from the TV show House MD? If so, you'll want this t-shirt so you can quote scenes without even opening your mouth. Your friends will thank you. Either for the quotes or for not opening your mouth - it depends.

This House MD t-shirt features the House MD series logo on the front and a script excerpt on the back. The dialogue is from a scene where Dr House (played by Hugh Laurie) is talking to Dr. James Wilson (played by Robert Leonard) . It goes like this:

House: If you're dying, suddenly everybody loves you.
Wilson: You have a cane, nobody even likes you.

House: I'm not terminal, merely pathetic; you wouldn't believe the crap people let me get away with

The letters are slightly distressed, like Dr. House himself in general, and particularly in the scene quoted from.

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Medellin: Entourage T-shirt

Another funny tshirt inspired by the TV show Entourage. "Medellin. A Pablo Escobar Story" is a movie within a TV show. It's Vincent Chase's greatest role ever (or at least this season).

There's even an official Medellin - The Movie website with trailers, photos, etc. Check it out.

Vincent Chase, as you've never seen him before, reveals the human side of the monster, and MEDELLIN explores why this charismatic murderer and drug kingpin also had many followers.

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House MD T-shirt: It's Not Lupus

The diagnosis is in. According to Gregory House M.D., "It's not Lupus". And so you might ask, "What's Lupus?" Well, if you're wearing this t-shirt, the answer is right in front of your sternum, though somewhat below your nose. That's right - this House MD shirt features a definition of the disease, Lupus, right on the front. What could be cooler than that?

N. an inflammatory connective tissue disease that is often held to be an autoimmune disease and that occurs chiefly in women, is characterized especially by fever, skin rash, and arthritis, often by acute hemolytic anemia, by small hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes, by inflammation of the pericardium, and in serious cases by involvement of the kidneys and central nervous system.

The back of the short has the text, "It's not lupus."

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Vintage Star Trek USS Enterprise Shirt

This t-shirt is not actually funny. But in the spirit of the Star Ship Enterprise and the indomitable crew who loyally server her, I will boldly go where the Funny T-shirt House has not gone before and feature it here on the site. This retro look Star Trek t-shirt is so cool that it doesn't even matter whether or not you are/were a fan of the original TV series.

Featuring a cartoonish image of the Starship Enterprise curving past a reddish colored planet (no signs of intelligent life here, captain), it's topped off by the title,


in a slightly distressed version of the old logo - original font, if I remember correctly. Take us up to warp speed, Sulu. I gotta lose these damned cling-ons.

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More Cowbell T-shirt

The "More Cowbell" t-shirt is a true classic. Inspired by the legendary SNL skit with Christopher Walken as the music producer who wants just a bit more cowbell, this joke is older than my girlfriend but still makes me laugh every time.

This is the t-shirt for people who remember Saturday Night Live in its heyday or just appreciate a good joke. Wear this funny shirt and you'll be able to tell who's cool and who's a fool by their reactions. Because cool people always want more cowbell!

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Vandelay Industries T-shirt

Who wouldn't want to work for Vandelay Industries, the fictitious import company within the fictitious TV world of Seinfeld? That's fictitious squared! This cool t-shirt has the Vandelay Industries logo on the front, with the caption, "IMPORTER/EXPORTER OF FINE LATEX PRODUCTS" below it. It's a classic shirt inspired by the classic comedy show.

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House MD T-shirt: Genius Has Side Effects

House MD is not your average TV medical melodrama and Gregory House is not your average doctor. They challenge your intellect and get you thinking. This T-shirt will do that, too. I think.

If you're going to make a fashion statement, why not make a statement that provides a benefit to society by making people think a little? However, in my experience, what people usually think when they see this shirt is, "Ew, is that a liver?" And that is, of course, just another side effect of genius...

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House MD T-shirt: I was deluded into thinking I might be crazy

How about an ironic House MD Shirt? This t-shirt features the furrowed brow and slightly demented stare of Hugh Laurie, a.k.a Doctor Gregory House of the hit TV show House.

At one point in the series he thought he was losing his mind, but later realized that was just crazy-talk. Thus the quote, "I was deluded into thinking I might be crazy" I can relate. Can you? If so, then this is the House t-shirt for you.

The Dr. House quote is presented in all-caps in light blue at varied font sizes. The Doctor House photo is also in a sort of monochrome blue sepia-ish kinda color. Needless to say, the text and photo have slightly "distressed" look... Tres chic, as the hipsters like to say.

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Ari Gold Is My Agent T-shirt

I used to be the Rodney Dangerfield of my bowling club - didn't get no respect. No matter how snazzy my bowling pants were. But then I got Ari Gold as my agent. Now I'm treated like a movie star wherever I go. I have my own entourage. Johnny Drama calls me up for fashion advice.

I highly recommend that you get Ari Gold as your agent. If you can't get Ari on the phone, though, the next best thing is to falsely claim that he's your agent. How would anybody even check up on that? The guy never answers his phone.

The shirt is simple and straight to the point. No photo, no graphics. In a simple font it boldly states:

Ari Gold
is my agent

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Entourage Turtle T-shirt

Turtles rule. Unfortunately this shirt features an image of a tortoise. Still, if you're going to be that picky, you're probably not a fan of Entourage anyway. Maybe you should take a look at the Big Bang Theory t-shirts instead. However, if you like tortoises, you should like this shirt, even if it's called the "Turtle T-shirt".

Alright, so in this TV show, Entourage, there's a character they call Turtle. His full name is Salvatore "Turtle" Assante and he's played by actor Jerry Ferrara. In the story he is another of main-character Vince's old friends from childhood. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say, Turtle is cool, turtles are cool, this t-shirt is cool. Are you cool? Yes? Then you want this shirt, right?

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House MD T-shirt: The Doctor Is In

The doctor is in. On this particular t-shirt, the doctor, Dr. House that is, is in black and white silhouette, and he's leaning on his cane in a doorway. The all-caps text reads,


Simple and cool. The back side of this t-shirt features the House MD logo.

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There's no I in 'team' - House MD T-shirt

Dr. House is definitely not a "team player". If you're the type to always go it alone, then maybe you'd like to join the House M.D. team and wear this great House t-shirt. Even if you are not a big fan of the TV show House (shame on you if you're not!), you can probably appreciate the wit and wisdom on this funny t-shirt. Because, as the shirt says,

There's no I in 'team'


There is a ME if you jumble it up, though.

He may be a major PITA, but Dr. House doesn't try to hide the truth. This official House M.D. t-shirt has the two lines above printed on the front in simple lettering - no illustrations or photos. On the back you get the HOUSE logo. White lettering on black looks good, too.

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House MD Art T-shirt: Dr. Gregory House

Hugh Laurie gets the Andy Warhol treatment! This is the most colorful of the House MD t-shirts we've found.

Featured is House MD's star, Hugh Laurie, who plays the Sherlock Holmes of the medical profession. Four identical face photos appear in four colorful, contrasting panels of yellow pink, red, and blue. Partly hidden behind the photos are images of a skull and some other body parts. Finally, stamped on top is the official House MD logo.

All in all, a fine, artsy way to pay tribute to our favorite TV Doctor, Gregory House.

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House MD T-shirt: Catscan

I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and my brain on my chest. It's just how I am. And this House MD shirt lets me do just that - at least the brain on the chest part. Of course the cat-scan image isn't really my brain, but who's to know?

This funky House MD shirt has a 9-pane graphic of a brain catscan image in a faded white-on-blue. There's also a partially overlapping logo from the House MD TV series at the bottom. The entire image is slightly tilted to reflect the world-view of the wearer.

Owning this house shirt will show them that, like Dr. House, you value brains over brawn and you've got the photos to prove it.

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RUH-ROH! : Scooby-Doo T-shirt

There are many ways to say "Hello!", but nobody ever said it better than Scooby-Doo, the lovable Great Dane from the eponymous animated TV show.

Actually, even if you didn't really like the show, the shirt is kind of cool. People look at it and it takes a few seconds for them to figure out what it means. With no pictures or other references to the show, some people don't get it at all. And for some reason, that pleases me... Ruh Roh!

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The Office T-shirt: What Would Dwight Do?

Have you ever been in a bind without a suitable role model to emulate? In these tough situations it can't hurt to ask yourself, *"What would Dwight do?". Then, you might want to do something completely different than that, but at least you've narrowed down your choices.

Dwight Schrute, of the TV show, "The Office" is top salesman and former manager of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. He lacks both social skills and common sense. Dwight, played by actor Rainn Wilson, is the inspiration for this t-shirt, and he is my inspiration whenever I feel like I might be about to do something uncool and/or stupid. I just ask myself, "What would Dwight do?". If that's the same as what I'm thinking of doing, then I know I should think again. Inspiring.

The message is spelled out in a distressed typewriter font in white on a blue background. Simple, but effective.

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House MD Organic T-Shirt: Brain

The coolest guys and gals appreciate a big brain - show them you've got one. This House MD shirt clearly states that what's on your mind is the House TV series. OK, let's try to avoid getting too much into the whole mind/brain dichotomy thing.

This t-shirt has a large image of a brain with the official House MD logo stamped onto it. When you wear this shirt, the brain will appear pretty much directly over your heart. There may be a deep meaning there for those smart enough to get it. And that's just the type of person who watches House MD. This shirt could get you dates!

It's made of organic cotton. so it's that raw cotton off-white color. If that's not your kind of thing (spill spaghetti sauce much?) , then maybe you'll prefer one of the regular cotton versions of the same House t-shirt design.

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Bret & Jemaine & Murray & Mel Shirt

The classic "Flight of the Concords" t-shirt. Bret & Jemaine & Murray & Mel, written left-aligned in big letters - what more could you ask for in a cool band t-shirt? I dunno why they left out Dave, though - maybe there wasn't room - but c'mon, Dave's a legend, man!

Anyway, fans of the Concords music and/or TV show will love this one. It's simple in design and high quality, made of premium ring-spun cotton. What's "ring-spun" mean? I have no idea, but it sounds like high-quality to me. If you really need to know, just buy one of these shirts and find out for yourself.

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30 Rock Dr. Leo Spaceman T-Shirt

The 30 Rock Doctor is in the house! The Funny Tshirt House, that is. Who doesn't like Doctor Leo Spaceman from the hit TV show 30 Rock? Nobody we care to know. This shirt features a snazzy photo of the doctor himself, captioned with "Call Now For A Free Consultation!". Below that is a list of Dr. Spaceman's various specialties:

  • Fertility
  • Meth Addiction
  • Child Psychology

And as if that's not enough info on one funny t-shirt, there's a glowing testimonial below that:

"a fine doctor and a pretty good dentist"

Please, somebody buy me this t-shirt for Christmas!

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Bazinga T-shirt

This awesome shirt is another one inspired by the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. The Bazinga t-shirt like the popular Shazam t-shirt features the famous bolt of lightning, with the added bonus of a big BAZINGA! written above it.

Notice that I am resisting the urge to make any puns related to electricity or lightning - that is why I am a highly paid t-shirt description writer.

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Weird Works For Me: House M.D. T-shirt

I tried normal, and it didn't work. So recently, I've been experimenting with weird. And strangely enough, weird works for me. Normally, I don't have much in common with Dr. House, though I am a fan of the show. But, weird as it is, weirdness is our shared "secret for success."

I think I've beaten that little joke to within an inch of its life, so now I'll describe this great House MD shirt. Just off center to the left (from the wearer's perspective) is a photo of Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, looking slightly deranged as usual. His face is half hidden by an intravenous bottle that hangs from one of those metal stands. To the right of that, in 4 different mismatched serif fonts (one for each word) is the line:


...and, as with all the official House shirts, there's a House MD logo discreetly place at the bottom. Tastefully weird.

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House M.D. T-shirt: Everybody Lies

Another cool House t-shirt. Gregory House M.D., played by Hugh Laurie on the hit TV show is undoubtedly a genius. As for you, well, the jury may be out on that, but perhaps a big photo of House on your chest will create a subconscious association in the minds of others. Besides that, you'll seem extra-chipper in contrast to the morose mug of Doctor House staring out of your torso. Works for me!

This handsome House MD shirt features one of the doctor's popular quotations, "Everybody Lies." There's also a big color photo of Hugh Laurie's face - sad baby blues and stubble included. The House MD logo appears at the lower right. The shirt is black (they may have other colors, too) and the text is a rusty brown.

Get your House MD t-shirt today and boldly proclaim the truth: Everybody Lies.

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