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Entourage Turtle T-shirt

Turtles rule. Unfortunately this shirt features an image of a tortoise. Still, if you're going to be that picky, you're probably not a fan of Entourage anyway. Maybe you should take a look at the Big Bang Theory t-shirts instead. However, if you like tortoises, you should like this shirt, even if it's called the "Turtle T-shirt".

Alright, so in this TV show, Entourage, there's a character they call Turtle. His full name is Salvatore "Turtle" Assante and he's played by actor Jerry Ferrara. In the story he is another of main-character Vince's old friends from childhood. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say, Turtle is cool, turtles are cool, this t-shirt is cool. Are you cool? Yes? Then you want this shirt, right?

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Richard Scarry, Apple Car T-shirt

Remember those Richard Scarry books you read as a kid? The pictures were great then, and they're still great even though we've all grown up (sort of). This fabulous blast-from-the-past design put a smile on my face the moment I saw it. I got one for a special friend, and she loves it too.

This shirt is designed/shaped for women, and features an image of a turtle-like creature driving a car made from an apple. I chose the rusty brown color because it goes so well with the soft colors of the Richard Scarry drawing.

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I Like Turtles T-shirt

Simple, yet deep. Is it a bold statement that implies a question? Or a confession that seeks forgiveness? Maybe it just means that you like turtles? In any case, if you like turtles you can share that with the world when you wear your "I like turtles" t-shirt.

The white, all-caps text is in a nice thick brush font on a bluish slate background. This shirt looks good and is sure to get a reaction from any turtle-likers you happen to meet (and really, who doesn't like turtles?)

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Wild Beast T-shirt

No one is above the law. Not even the King of the jungle. America is a safer place now that this wild beast is safely behind bars.

I like to wear this shirt as a warning to other good lions who may be thinking of stepping across the line between law-abiding zoo animal and _man-eating rogue. This t-shirt also serves to reassure children that although there are dangerous critters about, everything is under control - even in the urban jungle where we live.

That's right: wear it for the kids.

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RUH-ROH! : Scooby-Doo T-shirt

There are many ways to say "Hello!", but nobody ever said it better than Scooby-Doo, the lovable Great Dane from the eponymous animated TV show.

Actually, even if you didn't really like the show, the shirt is kind of cool. People look at it and it takes a few seconds for them to figure out what it means. With no pictures or other references to the show, some people don't get it at all. And for some reason, that pleases me... Ruh Roh!

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Viva La Evolucion T-shirt

Talk of armed revolution my be fashionable in some crowds, but evolution is far more powerful in the long run. Let the world know that you won't be fooled again by the Che Guevara crowd. Get down with the simians and proudly proclaim:


Translated into English, that would be, "Chimps not only rule; they also look totally cool in berets" . I urge all my friends to just say no to revolution and give an opposible thumbs up to Evolution. Evolution for Dar Win!

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Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt

What could be better than a t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity? A t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity on a bicycle! It's a nice 70's style racing bike and the sasquatch strikes a fetching pose, showing off one of his muscular & hirsute legs and a great big bigfoot foot. It's a bit hard to make out his/her facial expression, but he/she just might possibly be making a kissy face.

The photo is greyscale and a bit grainy - as any sasquatch photo should be, and there is no writing on the t-shirt at all. What is there to say about a sasquatch on a bicycle? It speaks for itself - the picture, I mean; not the sasquatch. Who even knows whether a sasquatch can speak?

When you wear the Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt you're pretty much guaranteed to appear highly evolved in comparison - a very useful feature for some of us. Get yours quick before Ashton starts tweeting about them.

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Noah's Dilemma T-shirt

Fake science has proven beyond that shadow of a dunce that dinosaurs roamed the earth (or at least the part of the earth near Altoona, Kansas - God's Country!) along with humans about 6,000 years ago. Proven by whom, you ask? By a group called "Creationists in Lab-coats". And we all know that if you're wearing a lab coat, you're doing SCIENCE. So, anyway, these dudes found caveman drawings in this little town in the bible belt that prove that dinosaurs marched two-by-two, alongwith all the other animals, onto Noah's Ark.

To commemorate this stupendous scientific achievement, I will proudly wear my new, "Noah's Dilemma" t-shirt whenever I visit my local creationist museum. Like Noah said when he noticed a pair of 35ft, 7 ton tyrannosauruses lined up patiently to get on his dinky little wooden boat,


You said it, Noah. You said it.

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