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No Air Banding T-shirt

Your headphones are pumping out the Stayin' Alive Soundtrack at full volume. But hold up there, cowpoke. While you're in your own little disco dance-world, the rest of us are in line to pay at the grocery store. Now we're all just staring at you. We know the No Air Banding rule is severe, but trust us: it's for your own good.

By wearing your "NO AIR BANDING" t-shirt, you'll be providing a public service and making checkout lines safer for everybody. Maybe you should get a few, so you can wear one every time you leave the house.

This funny t-shirt comes in 10 different colors and a range sizes. The material is a very soft cotton fabric which feels great and lasts long.

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Obscure Band T-shirt

There's nothing cooler than having a band t-shirt for a band that nobody has heard of. It can inspire awe and jealousy. THe problem is that before you know it, everybody and his labra-doodle has one and you can't wear it anymore without seeming like a bandwagon jumper. So what to do?

Here's the answer: The


.. t-shirt. In a sort of retro cowboy western style font (standard indie band typography.) With this t-shirt I know I'll always come out on top in the battle of the obscure band t-shirts.

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Bret & Jemaine & Murray & Mel Shirt

The classic "Flight of the Concords" t-shirt. Bret & Jemaine & Murray & Mel, written left-aligned in big letters - what more could you ask for in a cool band t-shirt? I dunno why they left out Dave, though - maybe there wasn't room - but c'mon, Dave's a legend, man!

Anyway, fans of the Concords music and/or TV show will love this one. It's simple in design and high quality, made of premium ring-spun cotton. What's "ring-spun" mean? I have no idea, but it sounds like high-quality to me. If you really need to know, just buy one of these shirts and find out for yourself.

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AD/HD T-Shirt

A great shirt for AC/DC Fans.

Love this AD/HD shirt Oh my god, I mean, I like High Voltage but you like Highway to Hell but High Voltage is good but don't forget about Back in Black and Angus is awesome and I like it when he dresses up like a school-boy because they're an awesome band and look! Shiny things.

This funny t-shirt comes in several hilarious colors, and the standard range of zany sizes. It's made of super soft premium ring-spun cotton. Which kind goes against the whole extra-hard AC/DC ethos, now that I think of it.

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It's Business Time T-Shirts

The TV series, Flight of Conchords, starring the comedy folk duo, Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie is the inspiration for this funny t-shirt. IIRC it was Jemaine who said,

"You know when I'm down to just my socks, it's business time. That's why they are called business socks."

These Kiwis mean business. If you want to let the world know that you mean business, too. Don this groovy tee and get down to work. Pants are optional. Socks, less so.

The Business Time T-shirt is made from heavy, durable cotton and is preshrunk, so there won't be any "size surprise" after the first washing.

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Da Vinci Rock Man T-shirt

Everybody know that Leonardo rocks. No. Not that Leonardo. I mean, of course Leonardo da Vinci. Artist, scientist, inventor, celebrity chef, and a man with undeniably awesome hair.

Well, I'd now like to introduce you to a tribute tee to the great man and his massive contributions to mankind. The Da Vinci Rocks Out t-shirt. It features the iconic da Vinci anatomical diagram man, rocking out Pete Townsend style on his guitar.

A must have for any aspiring renaissance rock man or woman!

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This T-shirt Goes To 12

This t-shirt goes past eleven, man. Sure, Nigel Tufnel had the coolest amp way back in the 80s when This Is Spinal Tap came out and he showed off his "this one goes to eleven". But now we're into a whole new millennium. If you want to be a heavy-weight these days, you need to take it to the next level. Which is, of course, twelve!

The shirt features an old-school analogue volume knob with numbers from 0 to twelve. Naturally it is set at the maximum volume.

Imagine the reactions from the groupies when they see that you're packing that extra 9.0909%. They'll be begging to "smell the glove"!

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Flight Of The Conchords T-shirt

This is a great Flight of the Conchords tshirt. It has a cool - well, maybe cool isn't quite the right word - photo of Bret and Jemaine playing acoustic guitar and bass respectively. It's a live shot from one of their spectacularly unsuccessful concerts.

Above the photo we have (in red):


...and below it (yellow):


The photo is blue monochrome. The shirt comes in a range of colors, styles and shapes. Buy several and stick them up on your wall with the tape of love.

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Pink Freud Funny T-shirt

Man, I loved Dark Side Of The Moon. Does that mean my id is under-developed, or that I want to kill my father? You should ask Sigmund Freud - except he's dead. If he'd been alive at the same time, I'm sure he would have had something to say about Pink Floyd.

The Pink Freud t-shirt features a great pic of the great man himself. And he's pink. Therefore, Pink Freud. There's also something suggestive hidden in the smoke from his cigar. If you can see it, you're probably a pervert. If it reminds you of your mother, please don't buy this shirt.

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