AD/HD T-Shirt

AD/HD T-Shirt

A great shirt for AC/DC Fans.

Love this AD/HD shirt Oh my god, I mean, I like High Voltage but you like Highway to Hell but High Voltage is good but don't forget about Back in Black and Angus is awesome and I like it when he dresses up like a school-boy because they're an awesome band and look! Shiny things.

This funny t-shirt comes in several hilarious colors, and the standard range of zany sizes. It's made of super soft premium ring-spun cotton. Which kind goes against the whole extra-hard AC/DC ethos, now that I think of it.

AD/HD T-Shirt

You can get this funny t-shirt for only $19.95. The t-shirt is sold by Clutch Tees.

Visit the Clutch Tees website for more details and/or to Buy the AD/HD T-Shirt.

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