Entourage Turtle T-shirt

Entourage Turtle T-shirt

Turtles rule. Unfortunately this shirt features an image of a tortoise. Still, if you're going to be that picky, you're probably not a fan of Entourage anyway. Maybe you should take a look at the Big Bang Theory t-shirts instead. However, if you like tortoises, you should like this shirt, even if it's called the "Turtle T-shirt".

Alright, so in this TV show, Entourage, there's a character they call Turtle. His full name is Salvatore "Turtle" Assante and he's played by actor Jerry Ferrara. In the story he is another of main-character Vince's old friends from childhood. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say, Turtle is cool, turtles are cool, this t-shirt is cool. Are you cool? Yes? Then you want this shirt, right?

Entourage Turtle T-shirt

You can get this funny t-shirt for only $12.95. The t-shirt is sold by Designer Teez.

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