I Like Turtles T-shirt

I Like Turtles T-shirt

Simple, yet deep. Is it a bold statement that implies a question? Or a confession that seeks forgiveness? Maybe it just means that you like turtles? In any case, if you like turtles you can share that with the world when you wear your "I like turtles" t-shirt.

The white, all-caps text is in a nice thick brush font on a bluish slate background. This shirt looks good and is sure to get a reaction from any turtle-likers you happen to meet (and really, who doesn't like turtles?)

I Like Turtles T-shirt

The shirt goes for $12.95. The t-shirt is sold by Designer Teez.

Visit the Designer Teez website for more details and/or to Buy the I Like Turtles T-shirt.

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