Noah's Dilemma T-shirt

Noah's Dilemma T-shirt

Fake science has proven beyond that shadow of a dunce that dinosaurs roamed the earth (or at least the part of the earth near Altoona, Kansas - God's Country!) along with humans about 6,000 years ago. Proven by whom, you ask? By a group called "Creationists in Lab-coats". And we all know that if you're wearing a lab coat, you're doing SCIENCE. So, anyway, these dudes found caveman drawings in this little town in the bible belt that prove that dinosaurs marched two-by-two, alongwith all the other animals, onto Noah's Ark.

To commemorate this stupendous scientific achievement, I will proudly wear my new, "Noah's Dilemma" t-shirt whenever I visit my local creationist museum. Like Noah said when he noticed a pair of 35ft, 7 ton tyrannosauruses lined up patiently to get on his dinky little wooden boat,


You said it, Noah. You said it.

Noah's Dilemma T-shirt

The shirt goes for $20.00. The t-shirt is sold by Headline Shirts.

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