Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt

Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt

What could be better than a t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity? A t-shirt featuring everybody's favorite probably mythical, semi-humanoid celebrity on a bicycle! It's a nice 70's style racing bike and the sasquatch strikes a fetching pose, showing off one of his muscular & hirsute legs and a great big bigfoot foot. It's a bit hard to make out his/her facial expression, but he/she just might possibly be making a kissy face.

The photo is greyscale and a bit grainy - as any sasquatch photo should be, and there is no writing on the t-shirt at all. What is there to say about a sasquatch on a bicycle? It speaks for itself - the picture, I mean; not the sasquatch. Who even knows whether a sasquatch can speak?

When you wear the Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt you're pretty much guaranteed to appear highly evolved in comparison - a very useful feature for some of us. Get yours quick before Ashton starts tweeting about them.

Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt

This t-shirt will set you back $20.00. The t-shirt is sold by Headline Shirts.

Visit the Headline Shirts website for more details and/or to Buy the Sasquatch Cyclist T-shirt.

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