Carcetti for Mayor

Carcetti for Mayor

Although it had it's funny moments, you don't see a lot of funny t-shirts related to the TV series, "The Wire". So in that sense, this t-shirt is a rarity. Tommy Carcetti is the guy who became mayor of Baltimore, starting out as an idealistic reformer and ending up corrupted by the political realities he faced. Hilarious, eh? I don't know why, but I find it amusing - cynicism FTW!

The t-shirt design looks just like one of Carcetti's campaign posters in the show. It's a bit hard to see in the photos here, but it has some stars along the top with "Thomas J. Tommy" written in fairly small letters between. Below that it's just "Carcetti" and "Mayor". Like this:

Thomas J. "Tommy"

Let's save the great American city of Baltimore. Vote for Tommy!

Carcetti for Mayor

The shirt goes for $20.00. The t-shirt is sold by

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