Obscure Band T-shirt

Obscure Band T-shirt

There's nothing cooler than having a band t-shirt for a band that nobody has heard of. It can inspire awe and jealousy. THe problem is that before you know it, everybody and his labra-doodle has one and you can't wear it anymore without seeming like a bandwagon jumper. So what to do?

Here's the answer: The


.. t-shirt. In a sort of retro cowboy western style font (standard indie band typography.) With this t-shirt I know I'll always come out on top in the battle of the obscure band t-shirts.

Obscure Band T-shirt

You can get this funny t-shirt for only $20.00. The t-shirt is sold by BustedTees.com.

Visit the BustedTees.com website for more details and/or to Buy the Obscure Band T-shirt.

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