Black Tuxedo T-shirt

Black Tuxedo T-shirt

This is, I believe the most formal of the tuxedo t-shirts we've found so far. A look that says,

I may be a t-shirt-wearing slob, but I am The Master of Ceremonies so sit down and SFTU!

Not suited for funerals. The shirt-front is pleated (classy!) rather that ruffled (kitchy). A red rose in the lapel add a touch of romantic flair. The dapper matching red bow tie and red shirt buttons give it some flash. I chose the black.

Black Tuxedo T-shirt

This t-shirt will set you back $17.95. The t-shirt is sold by and Vintage T-Shirts.

Visit the and Vintage T-Shirts website for more details and/or to Buy the Black Tuxedo T-shirt.

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