House MD T-shirt: Catscan

House MD T-shirt: Catscan

I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and my brain on my chest. It's just how I am. And this House MD shirt lets me do just that - at least the brain on the chest part. Of course the cat-scan image isn't really my brain, but who's to know?

This funky House MD shirt has a 9-pane graphic of a brain catscan image in a faded white-on-blue. There's also a partially overlapping logo from the House MD TV series at the bottom. The entire image is slightly tilted to reflect the world-view of the wearer.

Owning this house shirt will show them that, like Dr. House, you value brains over brawn and you've got the photos to prove it.

House MD T-shirt: Catscan

It costs $21.95. The t-shirt is sold by and Vintage T-Shirts.

Visit the and Vintage T-Shirts website for more details and/or to Buy the House MD T-shirt: Catscan.

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