House MD Organic T-Shirt: Brain

House MD Organic T-Shirt:  Brain

The coolest guys and gals appreciate a big brain - show them you've got one. This House MD shirt clearly states that what's on your mind is the House TV series. OK, let's try to avoid getting too much into the whole mind/brain dichotomy thing.

This t-shirt has a large image of a brain with the official House MD logo stamped onto it. When you wear this shirt, the brain will appear pretty much directly over your heart. There may be a deep meaning there for those smart enough to get it. And that's just the type of person who watches House MD. This shirt could get you dates!

It's made of organic cotton. so it's that raw cotton off-white color. If that's not your kind of thing (spill spaghetti sauce much?) , then maybe you'll prefer one of the regular cotton versions of the same House t-shirt design.

House MD Organic T-Shirt:  Brain

You can get this funny t-shirt for only $21.95. The t-shirt is sold by and Vintage T-Shirts.

Visit the and Vintage T-Shirts website for more details and/or to Buy the House MD Organic T-Shirt: Brain.

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